What we offer

Technical consultation

Basic3 offers a technical consultation service for conception, fabrication and completion. Our network of qualified professionals on residential and commercial projects gives you access to a vast directory of specific work competencies so you can see your designs take shape with peace of mind.

Project management

We offer project management services that perform close follow-ups with architects, designers, and work contractors to ensure plan concepts, directives and guidelines are respected. This is done in conjunction with the designer’s vision, the needs of the customer, and the essence of the sought-after style and the end-effect.

Referral service

We respect our collaborators and partners. We believe in a win-win relationship where we can share contacts in a mutually beneficial way. We would therefore be glad to refer them according to your needs and your location.

Network with designers and architects

Basic3 offers to promote designers through our creations, products, services and contacts. Allow us to help you bring your ideas to fruition and realize your full potential through our extensive contact list.